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Buaaaaargh I'm back home for holydays wiiiih :'0 a lot of strange things happend lately: like for example me likeing Hetalia, I just tought it was really useless before because of all these bishies and fangirl just going crazy because it was a product made by a fangirl for fangirls so it was like... "the slashableness" "they never talk but they're hot so they have sex ^__^ aw kawaii desu" and I became a bit intollerant to this sort of things, you know, and also those fucking giant eyes aaaaargh DDDD:... but then... a friend of mine (who's totally out of yaoi, otakuness and stuff) linked me the first episode so i watched it... and it was funny, made me laugh and... and... Germany is fucking MOE D': All those characters are national stereotypes... and they are all so moe and silly :'( I just love silly moe bawww...
Well, at least I allways knew I'm still a fangirl... the problem is that I don't like bishonens ._. I like moe men ;__;
The funny thing is that my two friend I usually share GAR fandoms with do like Hetalia while an other friend of mine who's into slice of life anime full of big eyed lolies dispaces me for likeing it :0 WTF!
An other thing that made me think it was bad is that from my childwood, while studing I allways tought about countryes as characters and made them interact in various way and... well it sucked hard so I tought Hetalia was the same thing and sucked as well... but well it is a lot funnyer :'

Maybe this happend because I needed a new fandom ;_; I made a lot of new friends this year but never found a near person to really share a fandom with (there's Anto but is not exactly the same thing) nor a new serie to make my heart explode for moeness, having not so much time to stay on msn I couldn't chat with the older friends I have... so I felt like something was missing... (why is fandom so important to me? that's really stupid ._.)

Now I never told anyone exept near people but... I'll go to Japan *___* ahah FUCK! I'll leave in two weeks: first I'll be at the white night at San Benedetto del Tronto with karol_uke , bloody_muffin and Kitto then I'll stay at vetro_rosso 's house from 2nd August and then in 4th August we'll leave together for wonderland :'D OMFG it still looks so surreal! We'll allso go to comiket and buy lots of porn LOLOLOLOL!

Also, I've made some new tegakies and stuff (the last one is a request from Xel):
Kar on Tegaki E Kar on Tegaki E Kar on Tegaki E Kar on Tegaki E

Did I look like bitching on Hetalia in this post? I didn't meant to... I was just trying to show out my confusion for at first dislikeing it (for strange reasons, apparently differents from other people I know who usually say "you can't talk about world war like a BL manga D:< gnegnegne blablabla") and then likeing it because of it moeness.

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