Karin (saru_wa) wrote,

welocme post

Hi to all, the little paperman greets you!

Any way this journal isn't friends on only or whatever but if you wish to be added just leave a comment here

Name: Karin, Aurora or Sauce (choose the one you prefer)
B-day: 04-15-1985
Mother language: Italian
Second language: a really bad English
Obsession: GAR MOE CROSSDRESSING MEN D': (lol 3 letter words)
Fandom: Saint Seiya, Sengoku Basara, Hetalia, Osu!Tatakae!ouendan!, Hellsing, Dorohedoro, Team Fortress 2, Combattler V (LOL)

There are a lot of provious post about Naruto fandom but now I'm not into it any more :( aw Kishimoto you made me sad...

What you'll find: fandom posts with probably useless sketches and sometimes even finished art, rant/toughts that you can ignore, some cosplay pics when I'm lucky enough to go to cons

You can also find me at: Deviantart, Ygallery, Tegaki E, Tegaki J, an italian only blog, shared fan sketch blog.


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