Karin (saru_wa) wrote,

All of a sudden something worth to be told here happend... I fell off my bicycle :'D, nothing serious, don't worry, I only have something wrong with my left knee, but nothing broken.
and now... why did I fell? because my bag got stuck into the wheel... the very bad thing is that inside the bag there was a beautifull Basara doujinshi I bougth at comiket last summer, I wanted to sold it because I need some money and nobody is buing me any commission, I was going to the post office to ask how much could it be to mail that thing in whatever place I could think of... but now... well how would ever buy that thing now ._.

but somehow all this thing makes me laugh, I feel like the doujinshi itself does not want to be sold and wants to stay with me XD mostly because I often hang my bag to the byke but this never happend before... oh well any way it'll have to stay with me but now I'd feel guilty if I sell the other doujinshi... lol what to do?

also I was thinking of what to do with this blog because I don't use it at all XD I'm the kind of stupid person that joins new communities and stuff whan is bored so I have too much blogs, now I have also a not very professional blog portfolio and I deleted the very useless thumbler account... what should I do with this thing XD lol dunno
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