Karin (saru_wa) wrote,

Hi everyone, I'm selling 3 doujinshi I bought last summer, is anyone interested?


1) Junen Deux, France x Japan, 22 pages, 6 of them are not comics. 15 euro

2) Grandpa Re-recording (Ojiichan Sairoku), USA x UK x Japan, 24 pages all comics. 18 euro

3) Order Notification (Gochuumon No Otodoke Desu) same autor as above, USA x UK, 18 pages. 15 euro
    SORRY this one is took

I also have some Basara ones I'll put them here soon

obviously if you want more then one the shipping will be combined.

standard Shipping price
3,20 euro (europe)     5,20 euro (africa, asia, america)        5,50 euro (australia, new zeland)

trackable shipping price (better, I'm sorry but I can do nothing if the pacage gets lost in the mail... you now how my countri sucks about this stuff... )
9,50 euro (europe [per l'Italia 5.35 euro)          12,50 euro (africa, asia and america)        16,00 euro (austalia, new zeland)
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