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because apples wheezes too

12/16/08 11:00 am

dun dun I have nothing special to say but there are two meme I have to do from dunno how many days XD and lol I've drawn!
EDIT: lolololololol my boss just called me on msn to tell me that he needs me to work in the morning too for the next days until the end of the year (when I'll stop working for him) to regain the days I was ill because they had a lot of business and it was troublesome without a person, LOL at the start he was talking in a way I tought he was going to dismiss me XDDDD

Tagged by kiu22  for both

Fisrts meme:
The first five people to comment in this post get to request a sketch of a character of their choosing from me. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their drawing ability level. If you absolutely can't draw, I don't see why you wouldn't be able to offer drabbles or icons or something instead.

Second one:
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this everyday for 8 days without fail. (LOL)
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

Day 1 (16/12/08):
I was ill until yesterday so I had the chance to stay at home from work and it was at least relaxing XD I Had anough time to talk more to people on msn I not often meet because of me beeing busy during all the evening and also time/will to watch Cyborg 009 series which I allways wished to watch. And OMFG I've drawn stupid stuff! (see above)

12/1/08 01:26 am

Today the internet looks kinda dead o_o nobody I know is posting anything... exept for kiu22  who just posted something that's killing me XDDD for real! lol.

For some news from this side of the internet the made-o-fail italian chan Diochan has now some new boards, now it has /y/ too! But well... users in /y/ are just me, Xel and a namefag how appel himself as Open-post... well this board is like more and more fail then all the others mixed together XD that's the reason I still lurk in diochan, it is funny with all of uss being fags increasing the fail... WHAT THE FUCK AM I TALKING ABOUT? XDDD lol.

ok, being bored... the resilt of a test, lolz

What is says about you: You are an intelligent person. You appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. Those around you admire your fresh outlook and vitality. You are patient and will keep trying to understand something until you've mastered it.

Find the colors of your rainbow at spacefem.com.
lol I'm intelligent

11/30/08 01:06 am

Yesterday was p-chat tiem!! (with Xel)

anti f-list spam cutCollapse )



11/18/08 02:21 pm

Those glasses D: I want them but they are so damn expensive T__T (I could search for non original ones but mom scared me with stupid stories about "bad lenses can distroy my retina" and stuff XD) and I'm not justified to by them because I already have two pair of expensive sunglasses... one is a gift from mom some years ago and I found the other one at school, near to a computer, and never searched for the owner but... shh this is not important XDDD baw 108 euros T_T I should think about how to help my family to pay my future staying in Turin rater then this XD well... no more whineing u__u I swear!

so, it's late, I have to go to work but here have some silly TF2 stuff under the cut : D

boom... headshotCollapse )

End of stupid stuff for today D:

11/15/08 02:18 pm

Yeeei I've drawn something "usefull" XDDDD I'm working on a project for my cousin, he needs some illustration for a game. When someone geves me a long time project to work on I usually stop drawing at all because if I can't draw what they asked I feel guilty drawing a lot for my own T__T there's a lot more sketches to do but now I feel a bit less guilty now XD

Also I actually can't draw directly on the tablet any more o_o I made a really ugly panel because I was trying to explane a thing I tought to the TF2chan people... I posted as Anonymous but I still feel ashamed, it really sucks XD the good thing is that they laughed, so they got the joke and I'm happy with it XD sadly, I was really motivated to show myself and stop posting as an Anon there but now I don't think I'll do it XDDD


11/12/08 12:42 pm - at least Lucca Comics pics

luckyly I have an other one (Esc, his little brother shakeing him in the pic) that works but I'm so sad I still can't use Capslock T__T geveing names to tecnology stuff is a BAD thing XD when they stop working is much more a pain T__T

BTW here are some pictures from the Lucca Comics & Games event, I still don't have them all but I can't procrastinate this post any more or it'll never be done XD (almost all pictures and eventual edits by bloody_muffin or by eny0u )

attention! a lot of VERY big pictures under the cut

Nice cut to hide the spam :DCollapse )</div>

11/9/08 08:48 pm

I've bought Team Fortress 2 and I'm finally able to play *___* after weeks of meaningless fandom brawsing TF2chan like there's no tomorow I can play too XD also I bought a new notebook because I'll need it in the animation school, the descktop comp was a bit weaker then this one... even if this has Windows Vista and it is the root of evil =_='...

well... I suck at playing TF2, obviously, I'm a noob and I'm too shy to talk in the mic with people... I think that beeng so useless and stuff they will be really annoying if they find out I'm a girl ._. also the knowlage that there's no way I can impruve my skills in this game, even if I try my best, does not help me, lol, but it's still funny XD this morning I entered an empty server to do nothing but shoot cans and bottles on the floor being a sniper ._. also I drawn on a bucket a smiley face useing the bullet holes... baw I'm so stupid XD
I shouldn't think about all this stuff, I AM a noob so they just have to STFU XDD the next week, when I'll still suck as now I do it'll be ok to say bad things to me XDDD until that day I should don't care and have fun, lol.

10/28/08 10:41 pm - dun dun hair cut

zun, waiting for the paint to dry I'm posting useless updates about my hair style :'D today I cutted my hair because they were ugly and also, having a really big amount of hair they were a problem to wear wigs D: so more and more excuses to cut them, here's a pic

a lot of people said I look much more like a man now and it makes me laugh XD

10/26/08 05:00 pm - spamming your f-list

So, now, I'm supposed to be working on the mononoke cosplay but I'm lazy as usual so I'm gonna post the pchat stuff made with Xel.
I've drawn just the Spy and the Heavy+sandwich back there, she made all the rest, CUTIE SNIPPER OF LOVE OwNS YOUR SOUL!!
(both of us haven't already playd the game but it is so awesome and we can't wait to be able to D:)

and also FOOD PORN D:!


10/25/08 08:55 pm

So long time again D: fuck! However, last week I had that entrance test for that animation school, now I'll have to wait until an unspecified November day to know if I'll be in or not.
The week I spent in Turin (well, near to Turin) was cool, I had a lot of fun with other people attempting the exam with me, also for two days staied at kiu22 's place, lol she already wrote a journal about it XD we had a lot of fun, her animals and her mom are just great XDDD (this sound stupid I know XD)

however now I got lazy of writing so I'll go pchat with Xel XDD

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