Karin (saru_wa) wrote,

It's time for a gigantic art post D: (mostly fanarts, sorry)

made before leaving to Japan (tras: "Aw, take me to your place!")

mademoiselle France, IDK. (Tras: "but Marie Antoinette was from Austria...")

request from vetro_rosso  and Ete

Random stuff (Tras: "Your mothers! :D")

Request from vetro_rosso: someone dressing up Japan in a shy way

Being from south Italy my self I have to make it pay to the poor Romano and make him act in the right way

the second drawing is totally random


Months ago I tought I had to sell some stickers at Romics but then I failed and stopped drawing them.


 I don't know why this one comes out so small from photobucket, I uploaded it in better quality...

from this video

I tought about doing this for a long time, lololol, I'm sure the russian man who selled me the original matrioska would strangle me for doing this.

Random request from Xel and something totally random
an other random thing

Sasuke is such a troll

"Pervert" "STFU" and yes, that is a robin ragdoll

During a multichat with vetro_rosso  and Ete


Tags: art, basara, fanart, hetalia
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